Woman being the cornerstone of every family as a daughter, sister, wife, mother and grandmother…., plays a significant roles in a family. This is same within a church community. As a Catholic group, the forum brings women together to discover their God-given dignity and to understand their role in Christian families. The group is entirely made up of women volunteers of all ages, especially all mothers from the parish of St Thomas Syro Malabar Catholic Church, Detroit, MI.

Women’s Forum works to create a venue for all women to actively participate in different cultural and spiritual activities of the church. We strive to help parishioners to grow in their relationship with God, Jesus Christ and the Church by using Mother Mary as our guide and role model. We hope to establish a strong platform built on prayer and faith for women of the parish to interact and engage. Through this platform, women will gather to pray, plan, and coordinate a variety of programs and activities in our mission. We gather on a monthly basis to share ideas thereby fostering friendships and providing an informal support group. With inspiration from our parish priest, we draw a deep passion to involve and support the church activities. We are women of action with active participation in our church and cultural activities like fund raising, charity work, Onam celebration and women’s day celebrations. We thank God for giving us a forum to meet and work as a team, to pray and serve to grow together in God’s love.

St. Thomas Syromalabar Catholic Church Women’s Forum Mission:

1. Grow together in faith, sharing and love.

2. Take a lead role in charity oriented work.

3. Promote the importance of group prayer such as chaplets of Mercy, Rosary etc.

4. Visit and console the sick and needy within the community.

5. Organize small fund raising projects.

6. Give financial assistance or help to the needy in the community.

7. Monthly meeting.

Congratulations Women’s Forum Office Bearers 2014 – 2016!!!
Shobha A Kuriakose – President
Shereen Alex – Secretary
Helen Mathew – East Zone Representative
Usha Chirackal – North Zone Representative
Ancy Mathew – South Zone Representative
Renee Rojan – West Zone Representative