You recently saw the public outrage over videos exposing the butchering of unborn human life and harvesting of fetal organs by Planned Parenthood. 21% of all pregnancies in US end in procured abortion. There have been over 53 million legal abortions in US alone, after the Roe vs. Wade decision in 1973! In the face of this onslaught on human life at its most vulnerable stage, is it enough for you to be privately against abortion, and not show your dissent? Is it OK to simply keep your children home, and not let them publicly witness their Catholic faith?

God alone is Lord over life and death. Not even “my” life belongs to me. Every child, from the moment of conception on, has a right to life. God-given human life is God’s own property; it is sacred from the first moment of its existence and not under the control of any human being. Protecting innocent human life is one of the noblest tasks of the State. If a State evades this responsibility, it undermines the foundations of a rule of Law. (YOUCAT 383)

Catholic call to being pro-life is not a stance against abortion alone. Abortion, like euthanasia, assisted suicide, abandoning of the old and dying, etc., are all part of what has become a “Culture of Death”, a culture of use-and-throw, a culture of Godlessness. Christians believe that human dignity is, in the first place, the result of God’s respect for us. God looks at every person and loves him as though he were the only creature in the world.

Apart from a few courageous voices here and there, there is hardly any leadership at all in our country, willing to strongly stand for the dignity of human life. In the face of extreme apathy, if not outright hostility, towards our precious faith, March for Life movement has been the single notable force that stood up against all odds and addressed the conscience of our country against the atrocity of abortion, and other attacks on human dignity in general.

As parents you have the unenviable task of guiding and protecting your child’s spiritual integrity, in an increasingly God less society. Encouraging and supporting them to associate with core Catholic initiatives upholding the dignity of human life will be the right investment to make in them. More and more teenagers are participating in March for Life each year, taking the opportunity to hear from key leaders of the pro-life movement, and get inspired to become pro-life influence themselves. Polls show that public support for abortion is on the decline in US. This hasn’t happened overnight, and this would not have happened without the committed participation and energetic witness of Catholic youth. There is still a very long way to go.
God Bless


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