We have a vibrant and active Faith Formation program with more than 155 students and 15 teachers.


We aim to impart our children with a solid foundation in their knowledge of Sacred Scripture as well as the Catechism of Catholic Church. After the completion of our faith formation program, our children will be equipped to understand and appreciate the views of Church in the modern world, especially pertaining to the defense of life and family values. We also prepare our children to develop a revered approach to the holy sacraments of the Church, especially the sacrament of Eucharist. Above all, through this program, we want to nurture a child’s heart and mind to grow closer to be in union with the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Program and Curriculum

Currently, pre-school to 12th grade classes are offered. We conduct class quizzes, presentations, mid-term, and an annual test. Our class timing is from 10 AM to 11:15 AM on Sundays. All children are also required to attend the English Mass after the class, in the Syro-Malabar Rite.

Children in Grade 1 through 8 follow the Faith and Life program from the St.Ignatius press. Faith and Life series is a traditional faith formation program committed to sharing the richness of our faith and understanding of Scriptures.

Ninth graders study the Old Testament while Tenth graders study the New Testaments in detail. These two classes are meant to impart children with a love for God’s Word, and a deep understanding of the salvation history told in the Scared Scripture.

Eleventh and Twelfth graders are given topics that they will have to research individually, discuss in teams, and finally present to the class. These topics address contemporary challenges faced by the church in the present society, and students are trained to address those from the doctrinal and social teachings of the Catholic Church. The aim of these two classes is to equip our youngsters with the truth of Catholic faith as they venture into colleges and universities

Program Activities

There is an annual picnic for the children, organized by the teachers. There is also an annual day where prizes for the best attendance and best scores in annual tests are distributed. Our children also participate in worship services such as singing in choir, serving as lector, and assisting priest in the liturgy.

We also arrange an annual retreat for children. In addition, every year, the youth organizes a group from our church for participation in the World Youth Day. The church also organizes and sends young children to walk in the annual March for Life, held in Washington, in support of legal protection for the lives of unborn children.

We’re a Safe Environment

Our Faith Formation program is extremely cautious and serious about providing a safe environment for our children. We are in compliance with Articles 6, 12, and 13 of the USCCB Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People. The Charter sets forth that all dioceses/eparchies are to have clear and well-publicized standards of behaviors and boundaries (Article 6), maintain safe environment programs for all children and adults (Article 12), and evaluate the background of all lay employees, clergy, and all volunteers who would have contact with children (Article 13).

In conformance with those guidelines from USCCB, our Faith Formation program conducts the following, in developing an environment where children and parents are aware and conscious to help protect children and young people from sexual abuse.

  • Virtus/Protecting God’s Children for Adults™ training

  • Safe Environment training for children

  • Safe Environment training for parents

  • Criminal background check of all volunteers in the church


Our Faith Formation program is all about sharing your faith with children. A team of dedicated, dynamic men and women devote their time and energy to prepare and equip our children to be the soldiers of Christ in the modern world. Nevertheless, we are also looking for men and women, who can devote an hour a week, for this noble cause. If you are interested in volunteering in any capacity, please contact James Varghese (248-470-2858).

Following teachers volunteer to teach our children today. The community greatly appreciates their dedication and service.

Pre-school and KG – Asha Mandapathil, Mariamma Thomas, Shybi Patrick.

1st grade – Suja Mathew

2nd grade – Rev Sr. Sumati M C

3rd grade – Jerin Philip

4th grade – Rev Sr. Vida Marija M C

5th grade – Paul Milton

6th grade – Rohit Allen

7th grade – Tessy Sajan

8th grade – Xavier Abraham

9th grade – James Varghese, Mathew Joseph

10th grade – Sujith Chacko, Basil Thomas

11th and 12th grade – Mathew Kannanthanam